'Power of WVU Medicine' T-shirts to be available in October

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

To the WVU Medicine family,

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that the first two letters of “medicine” are “m-e.” We built an ad campaign around “The power of WVU Medicine,” which describes our overall ability to change lives. And, really, the power of WVU Medicine is derived from the power of each individual – “m-e.”

Each one of you plays a role in the success and the reputation of the WVU Medicine brand and in all of the facets that are commonly known as “patient satisfaction.” The impression of each patient experience can be determined from a multitude of factors. It’s just not the skill of a medical provider, it could be a kind word from a navigator, the quality of service in Starbucks, or the cleanliness of a patient room. Remember, each task we perform every single day is important and is part of the fabric of WVU Medicine.

And speaking of fabric ... On Oct. 8-9 we are handing out "The Power of WVU Medicine" T-shirts as a small token of our appreciation. Each department leader/representative will be asked to fill out a request form to let us know how many T-shirts each department requires (form link located below). We kindly ask that ONLY ONE leader/representative fills out the form for the entire department.

To our employees, we hope you will wear them with pride on a soon-to-be-determined day dedicated to the spirit and success of our organization.I love to see the hospital filled with staff wearing WVU Medicine-branded shirts and it also shows our patients that we’re proud to be here for them. “The Power of WVU Medicine” is not just a slogan, it’s our commitment to elevating the health of all who depend on us.

The shirts are also a reminder of the importance of each individual to the team. After all, you can’t have “medicine” without “m-e.”


Albert L. Wright, Jr.

President and CEO

West Virginia University Health System

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