Dental school hosts trivia night as part of wellness initiatives

Trivia night was suggested as a fun, mental health break

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Periodic table. Pop culture. Product branding.

Those are some of the subject areas teams brainstormed at West Virginia University School of Dentistry’s first trivia night March 2, 2023.

The school’s wellness committee planned the night as a fun, social outing for students, faculty, staff and residents. It could be considered a laid-back mental health break unless the competition gets tight.

Alumnus and dental school faculty Dr. Tyler Brown served as host delivering multiple rounds of questions, a half-time competition and comedic relief.

Orthodontics residents

Team “Ngan-sense” led the night and walked away as champions after two rounds of questions and a 20-point sudden death question. When choosing their name, the group of orthodontics residents paid homage to Dr. Peter Ngan, long-time WVU Branson-Maddrell Endowed Professor and Chairman.

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Trivia night was a direct result of the wellness committee’s Big Ideas FestivALL. Students, faculty and staff proposed ideas for activities promoting mental and emotional wellbeing.

Donor support of the wellness committee allowed for booking space at Morgantown Brewing Company and providing snacks and appetizers.

The event was popular enough among the dental school family that there was a waiting list for the limited number of spaces available. The wellness committee plans to schedule another trivia night in the future.