Class of 2024 - Austin Roop

Monday, July 27, 2020

Austin Roop1) Why did you choose WVU?

I chose WVU because I was born and raised in Beckley, WV. I wanted to stay in my home state for school.

2) What is your favorite activity?

My favorite activity is anything related to sports. I love watching and playing almost every sport like basketball, football, and soccer.

3) What is your favorite TV program, movie, and who is your favorite music artist?

My favorite TV program is ‘Friday Night Lights’. My favorite movie is ‘Coach Carter’. My favorite music artist is Luke Combs.

4) Who has been your greatest influence in your life, other than a family member, and why?

LeBron James has been my greatest influence because I grew up watching him play basketball and I always read about him. He has also done many inspirational things such as creating a school in Akron, OH for underprivileged children. He pays for college tuition, clothing, food, and toys for these kids.

5) If you could be anyone, other than yourself, who would that be and why?

If I could be anyone, I would want to be Elon Musk because of his intelligence and the type of leader he has been. He is always trying to improve technology and invent things that improve the world, even if nobody else believes in him.

6) What are your biggest worries about coming to the WVU dental school this fall?

My biggest worries about coming to WVU Dental School is adapting to the course load and faster pace of learning.

7) How do you deal with stress?

I deal with stress by going to the gym to work out or shoot basketball. The gym gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and have fun.

8) If you could change the world, what would you do?

If I could change the world, I would give equal opportunities to everyone in the world. I would give underprivileged societies the opportunities for an education, jobs, and wealth.