WVUH, WVUHS, UHA policies, protocols will be moved to new platform from CONNECT

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

WVU Medicine Legal Services is transitioning all WVUH, WVUHS, and UHA policies and protocols off CONNECT and onto a new platform that Information Technology has created.

The new platform will include improved functionality to streamline the policy management process and improve the user experience, including better visualization via PDF, version tracking, full text search capability, and expiration alerts.

The planned date for this platform to be available is Sept. 20. On that date, the following websites will start redirecting to the new platform:

UHA Ambulatory Services


WVU Hospital’s Table of Contents

Ambulatory Protocols

Ancillary Protocols

Inpatient Protocols

Emergency Service Protocols

Departmental policies will also transition to the new platform. In order to do this, representatives from WVU Medicine Legal Services will be arranging meetings with various departments to discuss  current departmental policies, who will be representing each department for this endeavor, and the transition process.

In the meantime, any policies that are intended to become system-wide or hospital-wide should follow these steps:

  1. Subject matter expert/s drafts the proposed policy, or redlined version of proposed revisions to a current policy.
  2. Submit to Legal Services to mary.edgar@wvumedicine.org for review to ensure all criteria is met, that policy is not a duplicate, and that any overlaps between the draft and other policies have been addressed.
  3. Proposed policies meeting criteria will be sent to the following committees: WVU Health System Policy Committee if a system policy; WVUH Policy Committee if a hospital policy; ACMC if a UHA policy.
  4. At any point during the approval process, the proposed policy may be routed back to the author for revisions.
  5. Once approved by all required committees, the policy will be posted to the new policy platform.

Contact Mary Edgar at 304-598-3673 with any questions.