Photo gallery from WVU Medicine Children's Kids Fair available

Monday, April 8, 2019

WVU Medicine Children’s held its 21st annual Kids Fair on April 6 at the Morgantown Mall. The event focused on helping kids get on track now to make healthy choices for a lifetime of good health.

This year’s fair was themed “Healthy Ever After." Many of the fair’s 53 exhibitors, in a kid-friendly way, taught children daily health habits. Puppets demonstrated how to properly brush and floss. Kids learned how to make smart, nutritious food choices. And they were encouraged to get moving and stay active. They also learned about the dangers of tobacco use, as well as how to be good stewards of the environment and their community.

Kids were encouraged to attend the event wearing their favorite storybook character costumes, clothing, and accessories. For a CONNECT photo gallery of the event, click here.