Open enrollment for 2019 WVU Medicine benefits runs through Wednesday

Monday, November 12, 2018

Open enrollment for 2019 WVU Medicine benefits will run from Wednesday, Oct. 31, through Wednesday, Nov. 14. All elections must be made through UltiPro.

This year’s enrollment process is a “passive” one; that means that current 2018 elections, including the Health Savings Account, will rollover to 2019, if you do not make any changes.

Employees should begin receiving open enrollment communication at their home address the week of Oct. 22. This communication will highlight Paid Time Off, Retirement, Disability, and other benefit changes for 2019.


Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • The purpose of a new PTO program is to provide employees with a consistent program of time off for vacation, personal matters, and illness or injury.
  • All employees will accrue PTO on a per pay basis. The maximum number of PTO days is based upon your years of service and position within the organization.
  • Employees will not lose any accrued unused vacation or PTO at the time of transition to new time off program.
  • Employees who currently have sick days, exempt illness bank hours, or any frozen sick bank will have these hours moved into the new Extended Illness Bank in 2019.
  • Employees will not lose any accrued, unused sick, or exempt illness. Any unused time will go into the new Extended Illness Bank. No employees will earn additional sick time after December 16, 2018.
  • A new PTO Sell Program will be available during open enrollment; employees can choose to elect to sell their PTO hours for the following year.


  • All benefit-eligible employees are eligible for seven paid holidays. This includes one floating holiday.
  • Employees with weekly authorized scheduled hours from 20 to 36 will receive pro-rated holiday hours.
  • All eligible employees will receive the floating holiday in their holiday bank on January 4, 2019.
  • Holidays hours are above and beyond what employees will receive under the new PTO program.

Disability Plans

  • There will be some changes to our short- and long-term disability plans. Full-time employees will be provided employer paid short-term disability (STD). Part-time employees will have the ability to elect STD through after-tax deductions.
  • Employer paid long-term disability will be provided to full-time employees with the ability for employees to elect additional coverage through after-tax deductions.

Medical and Other Benefits

  • There will be an increase in employee contributions for all of the WVU Medicine medical plans in 2019.
  • There will be increases in deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums for some of the medical plans.
  • Employees will also see increases in prescription drug co-pays for next year.
  • The plan designs and rates for dental, vision, and life insurance will remain the same in 2019.

Retirement Plan

  • The purpose of a new retirement program is to provide employees with a retirement contribution, tools, and resources to prepare for a secure retirement.
  • Fidelity Investments will be the sole administrator for all WVU Health System and University Health Associates retirement programs in 2019.
  • Employees should plan on attending a Fidelity Investments Employee Education forum; they're being held from Monday, Nov. 26, through Friday, Dec. 7. Watch for details.


  • Our online benefits counselor, ALEX, which will be updated with 2019 information on Wednesday, Oct. 31, can be used to help determine the best plans for you and your family members. It's available on the HR1Source website,
  • Employees can attend educational forums to receive more detailed information about benefit changes.
  • Epic computer rooms will be available for employees during open enrollment. View the schedule.

Please view the 2019 Compliance Document on the HR1Source website,, for additional information regarding your benefit plans.

Employees covered under the Local 814 Collective Bargaining Agreement should refer to their agreement for more information.

HR1Source is your one-stop shop for all HR-related information, including 2019 benefit changes. Visit the website,, or call 833-599-2100.