Latest ‘Doctors on Call’ show focuses on incontinence, sexual issues

Friday, November 17, 2017

Have a question that you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor? The latest “Doctors on Call” explores health topics related to the private parts with experts in urology, gynecology, and other health issues.

We'll have a dramatic patient story about Adyson Stalder, who survived extreme prematurity.

The “DOC in the Kitchen” crew visited a Preston County fruit/root cellar and has healthy recipes for your holiday table.

Learn more about laser tattoo removal on “It’s No Big Deal.”

Being seen by a specialist can be challenging when the provider and the patient are hours apart. The “DOC Demo” will show you how telemedicine can help bridge that gap, and finally the “DOC List” will explore some of your most embarrassing questions.

“DOC Talk,” the call-in portion of the show, will provide viewers with the opportunity to ask questions about private parts of two WVU Medicine experts – urologist Stanley Zaslau, M.D., and gynecologist Robert Shapiro, M.D. Dr. Zaslau will also give you tips on how to talk to your doctor about uncomfortable topics.