Employee engagement survey feedback shines light on organization’s strengths and areas of opportunity

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The first system-wide employee engagement survey was conducted in summer 2018, and 78 percent of employees took the survey. More than 12,000 responses from eight WVU Medicine hospitals were received.

“The survey gave us the opportunity to hear your collective voice and gauge what is most important to you,” President and CEO Albert L. Wright, Jr. said. “We will use your input to strengthen the organization and shape our future.”

In the results specific to Morgantown-area employees, the following statements were identified as strengths on the survey:

  • I have confidence that this organization will be successful in the coming years.
  • Employees’ actions support this organization’s mission and values.

“We’re working very hard to meet the healthcare needs of the men, women, and children in West Virginia and the region, and the fact that employees feel like we’re moving in a good direction is reassuring,” said Wright.

“And while there have been many changes in our organization in recent years, our mission and vision statements have not changed,” he added. “We continue to be dedicated to improving the health of West Virginians and all we serve. And our values continue to surround patients, team, and community. It’s encouraging to know that employees embrace the statements that drive everything we do.”

Some areas of opportunity identified in the survey by Morgantown-area employees include:

  • My ideas and suggestions are seriously considered.
  • I am involved in decisions that affect my work.

“We want employees to know that their voices are heard and better involve them in departmental decisions,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Leeann Cerimele. “We know that some of our best ideas come from our staff. We are encouraging departments to address these concerns in their action plans.

“These issues also connect with our system-wide effort to address respect,” Cerimele added. “This was identified as an issue on the survey, so we are conducting focus groups this month to get a better handle on how employees feel about respect.”

Employees are being randomly selected to participate in the focus groups. Using the feedback from the focus groups, a committee made up of senior leaders across the organization will help create an action plan to address this topic.

Departmental engagement survey results will be shared with employees sometime this month. Departmental action plans will be developed based on the results.